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Singing from Balconies: COVID-19 Quarantine Testimonials

In mid-March, we experienced a dramatic collective change in our daily lives. The COVID-19 crisis has impacted our work, social and family lives. Most of us are sheltering at home to avoid more exposure, while some of us work in health or other essential services and are contributing more than ever while trying to protect our family members from exposure. At the same time that we are engaged in more care for our family members, we're exploring how to learn, study and work in new ways. However, this is not exactly a new “normal." Even as we create new routines, we have deep concerns about how our health, jobs, livelihoods and futures will be impacted by this pandemic. Now more than ever, we feel the need to share our stories and connect with others.

The Office of Diversity is creating “Singing from Balconies” as a space where UIC students, faculty and staff can share their thoughts and learn from each other by writing about how they have experienced this change and how it is impacting them, their families and communities. The name for this series of narratives or testimonies is inspired by the videos of quarantined Italians who have been singing together from balconies even while experiencing fear and loss. While we are forced to be physically distant in these times, we firmly believe that hearing each of your unique voices will help us be socially together.

We look forward to contributions from students, faculty, staff, alumni and all UIC community members.


Submissions will be preserved in the Special Collections & University Archives at UIC,