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This has never happened before. It is an unknown for all of us and affects our communities and the globe. The recent virus has effected my mother’s small business, my community, and academics. I’ve experienced both negatives and positives from the COVID-19 outbreaks. Hopefully through our collective efforts and examples, we can all make through it.

My mother is a true patriot. Although she immigrated without papers to this country in the 80s, she stopped working at her own small business in order to protect her clients and the community. She did this weeks before the mandatory quarantine, which is truly an example of self sacrifice. In these troublesome times, I take the necessary precautions to protect her because of her underlying health conditions. I worry that during my trips to the grocery store, I might contract something, so I take extreme precautions when heading out. I wash my hands, carry a bottle of hand sanitizer, and wear my bicycle face mask. These are worrisome times.

The COVID-19 pandemic affects us all. When going to get groceries, shoppers keep a distance from another. Conversations at the check out are shortened. And there is an air of unease in the entire community. Quarantining one’s self creates a sense of “cabin fever.”

However, with all this negativity, I witnessed something that nearly drove me to tears. I was watching a movie with my mother one evening. All of a sudden, we hear cranking and banging. Assuming it was the pipes again, we groaned because the plumber should have fixed them last month. Then we started to hear cheering and revelry! I walked onto the balcony in my mom’s condo only to find the whole city illuminated by lights. Everyone was out on their balconies cheering in support of all those effected by the recent pandemic. It was a spectacle to behold.

As far as academics, I am definitely not one for digital learning. I hate it! I worry that I will not do well in my classes because of this recent pandemic. However, my teachers have been extraordinarily helpful when it comes to accommodating face-to-face interaction. My classes are now supplemented by YouTube videos and virtual get togethers. I really like them and find them humorously awkward. My teachers certainly use comedy to lighten up the somber mood. I really appreciate my faculty and staff.

This time is extraordinarily painful for all of us, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. By following the CDC guidelines and being considerate of the collective, we will all push through this. Wash your hands, take showers, sanitize your counter tops, and take care of those who are sick. If we do this, we’ll be just fine.

Thank you to all the medical staff and employees on the front lines, thank you to all the grocers who provide for us. Thank you to the government efforts to keep us safe. Thank you to everyone who provides an essential service. And than you to all those who provide guidelines.

I love you all and god bless.