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At UIC, disciplines will draw on diverse perspectives to challenge traditional, established values that determine and direct curricular content, teaching methods, knowledge-making, and scholarship.

A Mosaic for UIC Transformation  |  Goal 6

Curriculum, Teaching, Scholarship, and New Knowledge Heading link

While the presence of numerically diverse students, faculty, and staff can be critical to challenging assumptions about the status quo and to providing fresh approaches that can help to invigorate—and democratize—the academy, representational diversity is not an airborne virus whose mere presence spreads the beneficial outcomes of diversity. Representational diversity is a resource that must be intelligently and intentionally drawn on to be appreciated and ultimately produce positive outcomes. Representational diversity is but the first step in a spectrum of intentional efforts designed to maximize the benefits of diversity by incorporating it in our living, teaching, learning, research and public service.

Goal 6 calls for systemic change to the ways we regard and reward diversity work by faculty and students and the way in which we assess academic programs. We expect students to learn more about diversity, and faculty and staff will have opportunities, methods, and resources for developing diversity competencies. New vehicles for communicating about diversity will be offered as will resources for encouraging collaboration among researchers and practitioners of diversity.