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Few and Far Between

Illustration of a bird on a branch looking at a computer with the words

In my family, all of us have different roles and therefore handling this situation differently. Personally, I feel like my life has been adversely affected. As a person who loves being in proximity of other people, social distancing means not being able to physically go to class and not giving tours on campus. All of my friends are inside and getting in touch means having to do it through a screen. Otherwise, my dad works in a hospital so his job is essential and his life doesn’t seem to be affected. My mom is a stay-at-home mom and she just has to deal with all the kids in the house.

Now that my entire academic life is online, I have to be more present at home then I was. Leaving home was one thing I enjoyed the most and I can’t wait till I will be spending more time on campus. My everyday life has been adjusted to not having my on-campus job anymore which means I just have to wake up in time for my online classes. The schedule of my day has nearly disappeared. I’m not struggling with much but I feel like I would be better off financially if I was still going to campus to work. I fear that this might translate into next semester and that can be ruined as well. I hope that it doesn’t though because I look forward to when I’ll be back on campus.

Hopefully, America is better off politically once this experience ends. Health insurance might be implemented free of cost because currently even I am uninsured. Essential workers are now very much appreciated, but I hope that even after this their importance to society doesn’t diminish. Basically, hopefully it is all good things!