Words Matter! "White Trash"Words Matter! "You don't look Jewish"Words Matter! "What's Your Real Name?" "Where Are You Really From?"Words Matter! "Undocumented" "Illegal Alien"Words Matter! "They/Them" "He/She"Words Matter! "That's So Gay"Words Matter! "Retarded"Words Matter! "Man Up" "Like a Girl"Words Matter! "Insane"Words Matter! "Ghetto"Words Matter! "Fat"Words Matter! "Exotic"Words Matter! "Crazy"Words Matter! "All Lives Matter" "Black Lives Matter"

At UIC, diversity is our strength — our competitive edge.  Promoting equity and inclusion are the cornerstones of UIC’s vision of being nationally recognized as a diverse learning and working community where human differences are embraced; and where neither difference nor disadvantage stands in the way of intellectual and professional achievement. Our realization of this vision requires an unwavering commitment by everyone to promoting a climate of respect, tolerance, and inclusion.

Recognizing that achieving a climate of inclusion takes effort, knowledge, and skills UIC’s Office of Diversity is launching a campus-wide inclusive language campaign called “Words Matter!”  The campaign is designed to promote awareness of and intellectual engagement with the power of language.  The purpose of the campaign is not to tell people what they can or cannot say (i.e., inhibit free speech) but rather to acknowledge that on a diverse campus each and everyone one of us has a responsibility to be aware of the power of our words to promote a more welcoming and inclusive campus environment.  “Words Matter!” seeks to foster understanding, open-mindedness, and mutual respect by challenging us to consider the impact our use of language has on others, particularly when the words we choose amplify our differences and reinforce inequities.


Words Matter! is designed to raise awareness about the power of language as well as offer opportunities for UIC campus members to engage with the concept of inclusive language and its connection to identities, inequality, and power. The workshop series is open to students, faculty, and staff across campus who are interested in learning more about the power of word choice and how to make their classrooms and workplaces more inclusive. Workshop participants will engage in dialogue with their fellow campus members, watch short videos, review current literature, and have an opportunity to discuss strategies for change.

During Fall 2016, there were seven workshops offered. All workshops were from 12-2PM over lunch. Future workshops will be offered upon request. If you would like your whole unit or department to partake in a workshop, please use the form below to contact us for more information and to schedule a separate day and time.


Photos by Matt Brand
Design by Hilary Short

Workshop Requests:

Please send us a note if you would like to attend a Workshop!