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Representing Black Freedom Movements

Eyes of the Rainbow: Assata Shakur by Feda Taha

A Student Exhibition

In Fall 2020, amid the COVID pandemic and global protests against racism and anti-black violence, students enrolled in Black Studies 249, Black Freedom Movements, to learn more about this crucial part of the American past and present. For their final project, everyone was asked to think of a creative way to represent an individual, organization, or event that has been part of the fight for racial justice. Some of the projects take on an historical topic, others focus on current activism. Some consider well-known figures, others highlight the work of their friends and communities. I encouraged students to focus on something or someone that really fascinated them. They used a wide range of formats, from paintings and drawings to zines, from videos to blogs, along with poetry and journalism. Here is a selection of projects that UIC students hope will add to our knowledge of Black resistance and courage. Please share them and enjoy.

Professor Jane Rhodes

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