JT Turner, Gender and Sexuality Center’s Director

JT Turner, Gender and Sexuality Center's Director

The Office of Diversity is proud to announce Jordan “JT” Turner as the new Director of  UIC’s Gender and Sexuality Center, who began mid-Spring 2019.

JT has a master’s degree in College Student Personnel from Western Illinois University, and a bachelor’s degree in Sociology with a minor in American Studies from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Prior to UIC, JT worked at Northwestern University in multicultural student affairs with a focus on supporting queer and trans students. JT has worked in residence life and in the Rainbow Center at the University of Connecticut. JT has also served on the executive board for The Consortium of Higher Education LGBT Resource Professionals as well as on the leadership team for ACPA’s Commission of Social Justice Educators. (https://today.uic.edu/announcing-the-new-director-of-the-gender-and-sexuality-center)

Apart from their educational background, JT also has a background in community organizing. Both their parents were community organizers in North Carolina where they grew up. JT has always been around people of all walks of life who are devoted to justice and healing. As JT says, “My vision for the GSC is deeply connected to its grassroots history and the ways in which our work can create pathways for queer and trans people to learning and leadership. It is important that our work be intersectional and always mindful of the impact on the next generation.” 

JT is excited to continue the legacy of the Gender and Sexuality Center’s work on campus not only as a place for folx to be social and build community, but to advocate for queer and trans people at UIC and in Chicago. JT also mentions that, “I want students to feel academic support from the GSC that can take many forms but promoting research is important for our center. We know queer and trans students face unique barriers to education, so I would like to develop initiatives that not only offer financial assistance but leadership development as well as prioritixe mental health. We want students to feel connected and empowered on campus and beyond.” 

JT started their new position as Director of the Gender and Sexuality Center on March 18th, 2019. Previously, Moises Villada acted as the interim director of the Gender and Sexuality Center. Moises will be continuing  to work at the center as the Assistant Program Director. 

We wish JT and the GSC’s staff and members a great fall semester!