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Resources Available to New Arrivals

Photo of migrants arriving in Chicago, the welcoming city.

View resources as published on for Texas New Arrivals

  • Cook County Health can remain your healthcare home. You may contact them by calling 773.395.9050.
  • If you or someone in your family is pregnant, you can sign-up for a program called WIC, which provides additional food for pregnant women and small children. For assistance, please call 217.782.2166.
  • If you are planning to apply or have applied for asylum, you can sign up for additional benefits through the Illinois Department of Human Services. For assistance, please call IDHS’ hotline at 800,843,6154.
  • The Victims of Trafficking Torture or other Serious Crimes (VTTC) benefit is a state of Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) public benefit for which new arrivals can apply. The benefits include the medical card (health insurance) and a food/cash assistance card. Contact an IL Welcoming Center for more information.
  • To obtain information on legal services you can 312.660.1328 for a possible consultation by immigration professionals. Please note, notaries are NOT attorneys and not legally allowed to provide legal services. You must seek out an accredited attorney
  • In Illinois, individuals without social security numbers can obtain a Temporary Visitor’s Driver’s License (TVDL), allowing you to drive with authorization. You can visit the Secretary of State’s website to find the nearest DMV near you by visiting or call 800.252.8980.
  • If you remain in Chicago, you can obtain a CityKey identification card. The CityKey serves as an ID within the City limits. You can also use it as a library card and public transportation card (funds need to be loaded on the card). Find the next CityKey event by visiting Please note that a CityKey ID is not proof that you are able to work. Only the federal government can provide you with employment authorization.
  • All children ages 7-17 must be in school. Please call 773.553.2242 to begin registration process. You can also access Early Learning resources by calling 312.229.1690.
  • If you ever need support or services and are unsure of where to turn to, please call 2-1-1 to reach a trained resource navigator (available in both English and Spanish) to seek out more information. Resource navigators are also available via chat at and by texting 898-211.
  • Likewise, if you are in an emergency, please call 911. As a reminder, the police will NEVER ask about your immigration status.
    • The hotline for domestic violence support is: 877.863.6338
    • The hotline for mental health support is: 9-8-8