Sep 23 2021

LCC – Civic Cinema: Panzón

September 23, 2021



A mexican american teenager is only showing his chest and belly. Below is the info in a light green color.

Presented by the UIC Latino Cultural Center and the Gender and Sexuality Center

Join us as we screen Panzón, a film by Emilio Nieto. This documentary explores the life of a Mexican-American teenager who struggles with body image and self-love.

We will engage in virtual conversations of body image, machismo, mental health, and more!

Emilio Nieto is a self-taught Chicano filmmaker from Chicago's Southwest side. Through a visual style mixed with Dardenne's handheld camera and an embedded Docu-film DNA, Nieto's projects prioritize his culture, community, and self discovery through grassroots-guerrilla filmmaking.



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Sep 8, 2021

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Sep 8, 2021