Dialogue Initiative

The UIC Dialogue Initiative actively seeks to build an inclusive campus community where students, faculty, and staff feel welcomed in their identities, valued for their contributions, and feel their identities can be openly expressed.

Charu Thakral, from the Office of Diversity, co-directs the Initiative with Philip Vasquez, from the Office of the Dean of Students. Together, they augment UIC’s commitment to equity and inclusion in all aspects of  campus life.

Dialogue-Based Education

Intergroup Dialogue: Connect and communicate across difference. Explore individual and social identities. Engage in conversations about inequity. Empower to become an ally in promoting equity.

UIC Dialogue Initiative Video Transcript (Word Doc)

To learn more about the programs available through UIC’s Dialogue Initiative, please visit their website.

Charu Thakral, Co-Director
Philip Vasquez, Co-Director

"When I got here [UIC], I felt like I didn't belong. I realized that being different was normal. Because of this class I was able to open up and become more comfortable in my own skin." -Liberal Arts and Sciences Student, Fall 2013"I made friends in this course that I may not have talked to otherwise. Learning about why that is and how to recognize your biases was a journey that I am glad I took." -College of Education Student, Fall 2013"It was very easy to discuss inequalities because of the way the instructor guided our group. It wasn't at all like a lecture where the students just listen. It felt more like we were all on even footing and it made me want to participate and share." -College of Engineering Student, Fall 2012"I will never forget this course. Taking it in the first semester helped me open up and recognize that everyone's experiences in high school are so different. We all took different roads to get to college, and hearing the stories of other students was eye opening." -College of Business Administration Student, Fall 2013