Internal Resources

UIC is committed to your safety and success. The following is a list of internal and external resources to support you.

Campus Safety

UIC is firmly committed to the principles of opportunity and equality and that means keeping our students safe.

Office of Access and Equity (OAE): Caryn Bills-Windt, Director

Contact OAE if you experience harassment or discrimination.
717 Marshfield Building (MAB)
(312) 996-8670

Campus Advocacy Network (CAN): Andie Celerio, Assistant Director

Provides you with confidential, anonymous, free services to UIC students who have experienced some form of sexual misconduct.
1101 W. Taylor Street, 3rd Floor (above Chicago Public Library)
(312) 413-8206

Campus Police: Kevin Booker, Chief of Police

Should you need the assistance of campus security, please contact:
1140 S. Morgan St.
FIRE/EMERGENCY: 5-5555 Non-Emergency (312) 996-2830

Dean of Students: Linda Deanna, Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Provides you with a student-centered learning environment that offers support, advocacy, and resources that contribute to student success.
1200 W. Harrison St.
(312) 996-4857

Mental Health & Wellness

UIC believes in the importance of self-care to keep your mind and body healthy. Below are UIC centers to match your self-care needs.

Counseling Center: Joseph Hermes, Director

1200 W. Harrison, Suite 2010

Pop-Up Pantry & Wellness Center: Carol Peterson, Director

750 S. Halsted, Student Center East Room 238
(312) 413-2120

Connecting with other Students

UIC believes in the importance of creating peer to peer communities. Below are student organizations you can become involved.

Center for Student Involvement: Joy Vergara, Director

750 S. Halsted, Student Center East 340
(312) 413-5070

Connecting for Support

UIC believes in the importance of spaces on campus where students feel comfortable sharing resources and experiences.

UIC Quick Guide

U and I Care Network
(312) 996-4857

Dean of Students
(312) 996-4857

Counseling Center
(312) 996-3490

Centers for Cultural Understanding and Social Change

Office of Access and Equity
(312) 996-8670

Office of Diversity
(312) 355-1308

UIC Resources for Undocumented Students
(312) 355-0011

Office of International Services
(312) 996-3121

For further access to UIC resources