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REAL Community

The R.E.A.L.—Respect, Equity, & Active Learning—Community is a safe, fun living space for new UIC students to get to know a diverse set of peers as they live on the same floor and take classes together. As a Living Learning Community (LLC)—a unique living environment for students who share similar interests—we explore social justice issues of cultural diversity, equity, identity, and inclusion. With the help of campus departments and student organizations, students’ traditional academic experience is supplemented by events and programs which develop residents’ perspectives and teach them how to take advantage of the diversity UIC offers. To be an inclusive place, we strongly encourage and support self-exploration and personal development. We listen to our community members, and take seriously the perspectives and requests offered by each one of our residents. On a large, urban campus, REAL Community will be your home away from home.

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As a campus nationally recognized for its dedication to diversity, we know students choose UIC to be a part of our unique culture, but they often report being unsure of how to approach the unfamiliar situations diversity can produce. The REAL Community offers students a space to explore and share their identities as they learn to engage relevant diversity related issues in productive ways. By doing so, students not only gain cultural awareness but also learn skills to build connections with people of different backgrounds, beliefs and lifestyles.
  • Community

    Create a safe space for a diverse group of students to come together, create a community based on mutual respect and accountability.

  • Engage

    Develop students’ abilities to communicate and interact effectively across difference.

  • Awareness

    Develop cultural awareness and understanding of the impact of bias and privilege on self, others, and society.

  • Action

    Develop students’ skills to become allies and advocates for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Academic Component

Student are required to take two (2) academic courses associated with the REAL Community per year. We make every effort to accommodate each person’s course schedule to the best of our ability.

  • During the Fall of 2017, students will take DLG 120, a 1-credit course that focuses on diversity and social justice issues using a dialogue-based approach.
  • During the Spring of 2018, students will take a 3-credit course in a relevant department on topics such as “Racial & Ethnic Inequality in American Society” or “Race, Gender, & Sexuality in American Sports.” Specific information regarding the 3-credit course will be provided at a later date.

Faculty will also engage with REAL Community members in at least one outside of class experience per semester (e.g. field trip/event, film screening, additional study group sessions, etc.). The faculty member for each course will determine the details of these experiences.


As a REAL Community member, you will also participate in monthly programs/workshops on a variety of diversity-related topics. Staff members from the Office of Diversity, Centers for Cultural Understanding and Social Change, and other relevant units will facilitate monthly programs. The types of programs/workshops will vary but could include the following:

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We welcome new students who are interested in diversity, equity, identity, inclusion, social justice, and exploring these issues in a safe and supportive environment. In addition to living in the REAL Community residence hall, students will be required to take part in academic courses and co-curricular activities.

Email with any questions.

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