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Photo of Vital, Dieff

Dieff Vital

Electrical & Computer Engineering


Dieff Vital (Ph.D., 2021) completed his Ph.D. at the Florida International University under the supervision of Dr. Shubhendu Bhardwaj and was co-advised by Dr. John Volakis. His work involves the textile-integration of RF modules, wireless and smart sensing. His interests include RF systems on-textile, wireless power transfer, and harvesting for the Internet of Things applications and smart dressing solutions for electrochemical sensing and monitoring. He filed two inventions for his work on a smart charging system, which enabled him to be awarded of 50k-grant from the National Science Foundation where he proposed a wireless charging platform on clothing to provide patients with the convenient charging of their electronic medical devices, as well as a smart bandage for electrochemical sensing and monitoring.

His dissertation entitled: "Textile-Integrated Wearable Radio Frequency (RF) Wireless Power Transfer and Harvesting for Battery-Free Medical Sensing" is about the development of a low-cost and all-textile smart bandage intended to help people coming from underserved communities get access to better care. At UIC he will continue his research in developing smart health-related systems using electrochemical and other types of sensing. He hopes to collaborate with other faculty and labs to make this dream a reality.