Cecilia serves as President of Strategies In Site, Inc. which offers services in strategic planning; legal analysis; and project implementation.    Promoting economic inclusion in the global economy, Ms. Mowatt creates dialogue and awareness of differing perspectives to inform strategies and build capacity for increased participation in the development of communities.

With over 25 years of professional experience as an attorney, executive and management consultant, Cecilia Mowatt functions as a catalyst, coach and a doer for a diverse array of clients through her management advisory consulting practice, Strategies In Site, Inc., The insights she provides are derived from her deep corporate experience in developing, supporting and monitoring business operations and performance.  Tackling the issues of asset management, risk mitigation; policy and budget formation; monitoring performance against key performance criteria; capacity building and leveraging resources through individuals, as well as meeting the need to properly vet, train and manage, contractors, partnerships and alliances is something she has done successfully throughout her professional career.  Equally diverse, her clients’ projects include education, school creation, infrastructure management, business development and economic development.

Whether there is a clear road map or the call to use her own ingenuity to develop a strategy, Ms. Mowatt manages projects and plans that achieve objectives and the ability to monitor them against the course of rapidly changing times. Leveraging her public and private sector experience, Ms. Mowatt works with companies, governments, and NGOs to create public-private partnerships that create sustainable inclusive communities that are healthy, safe and prosperous for all.  Her Colombian Jamaican heritage provides the foundation for her passion for multi-cultural exchange and international cooperation.

Ms. Mowatt brings a perspective that focuses on holistic inclusive equitable economic development, that integrates the interdependent issues that are involved in any project such as education, land use, property rights, commerce, trade, health and welfare.  She advocates inclusion of the broad spectrum of stakeholders in development issues that incorporates government, private enterprise and civil society at all levels.  Ms. Mowatt creates policies, strategies and business practices that utilize assets that exist, expands upon them improving processes and then implements the enhanced strategy or practice making sure everyone can see the full puzzle and feels included in solving it.

A long-time proponent of Diversity Leadership, Ms. Mowatt works as a liaison to leverage the embedded knowledge within organizations involved in projects. Assisting them in connecting to those resources in and outside the organization, by working within the community of stakeholders she enables context-sensitive solutions.  She has served on national and local boards such as the Episcopal Church Foundation and Family Focus Inc., leveraging her legal and business expertise, for decades of involvement in philanthropic social service organizations focused on empowering women, children and families; enhancing the role of faith-based organizations; and increasing inter-faith dialogue in civil society. Using insights gained from her experience she expands awareness of the breadth of resources available and brings parties from disparate perspectives and diverse functional expertise together to achieve a common goal, making sure that the golden thread of strategy and mission is woven throughout a given project.


Ms. Mowatt speaks and writes on the subject of Diversity Leadership and has done so for international industry organizations and at various national conferences.  Her professional affiliations with groups such as CoreNet Global, the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and the World Trade Center of Illinois have given her further insights into the practical matters of embracing and leveraging diversity given the globalization of business.

Both the J.D., M.B.A. from University of California Berkeley and A.B. from Stanford University that Ms. Mowatt earned had at their foundation the fundamentals of Organizational Behavior and Sociology which provide her grounding in supporting human capital development and leveraging it to get to the best business results.  Ms. Mowatt’s passion for multi-cultural exchange and diversity inclusion is inherently a natural one.  A first-generation American whose parents immigrated to the U.S. as exchange students from Jamaica and Colombia (via Panama), Ms. Mowatt has worked internationally in economic development in Europe, Colombia and South Africa.  Whether by pushing the issue of the need for diversity in industry, or providing diversity leadership training, she has been steadfast in raising the consciousness of others about inclusion.  It is the only way to maximize the value of our most important asset:  human relationships!