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28 Days of Black Excellence named one of best Illinois black podcasts

UIC 28 Days of Black Excellence with Aisha El-Amin

28 Days of Black Excellence was recently listed as number two on the FeedSpot for Podcasters ranking of “10 Best Illinois Black Podcasts.” This list was determined based off of thousands of podcasts on the web ranked by relevancy, authority, social media followers and freshness, per the website’s designation.

Launched in 2022 to commemorate Black History Month, 28 Days of Black Excellence released one episode per day during February of that year featuring the powerful and inspiring stories of UIC Black students, faculty, staff, alumni, friends and community members. It released seven more episodes that year, two more in 2023, and one thus far in 2024, for a total of 38 episodes as of June 2024.

This expansion beyond the initial container of 2022 Black History Month highlights the enthusiastic reception the podcast received from both campus members and industry professionals, including FeedSpot.

FeedSpot describes itself as “dedicated to discovering, categorizing and ranking podcasts across a wide range of niche categories. With thousands of podcasts available online, identifying influential, authoritative and trustworthy podcasters in specific industries can be a challenging task. Our extensive experience has led us to develop a unique approach that combines algorithmic analysis and human editing to provide the best possible curation.”

Each 28 Days of Black Excellence episode features host Aisha El-Amin, PhD, associate vice chancellor for equity and belonging at UIC, leading conversations with luminaries, visionaries and waymakers about their journeys and what it means to give back to the university and community while creating impact in Chicago and beyond.


All episodes of 28 Days of Black Excellence can be listened to here:

The full FeedSpot list can be found here: