Town Hall Meeting March 31, 2010

The teaching staff does not represent the student population.
The Latin American and Latino Studies Program and the African American Studies Department have ghettoized faculty and groups.
In lunchroom everyone sits with her/his own group.
The diversity experience at UIC is not reflected in the professional world where students work afterwards. Stronger career planning needed.
The staff is committed to students and reflects the Chicago labor market.
The privatization of education is going to make recruiting graduate students who become faculty difficult.
The Urban Health Program budget has not changed in 30 years.
Is diversity important enough that we are going to do something about it despite severe budget constraints?
The Institute [for Research on Race and Public] Policy and Great Cities [Institute] offer opportunities to advance diversity. We should take advantage of collaborative partnerships across campus.
Concrete things can be done to improve hiring and promotions.
How do we train ourselves to recruit, hire, and mentor?
Diversity of thought is an important issue.
Talk in the documents or at the town halls may not precede action because of paralysis or panic over losing territory.
Because UIC is diverse, people think they do not need to do anything else (among students, the “I know a gay person syndrome.”)
Trust is missing. Students did not trust that committee’s interest was in line with theirs.
Can we do only little things?
Diversity should become the filter for decisions.
Report is the result of an exercise and graceful but what will remain in the strategic plan?
Do we really have diversity at all?
We are not taking advantage of our diversity.
We need to define university.
Customer service lacks respect.
The report does not note that Asian Americans do most of the campus research.
Silo student organizations do not work together in Medicine.
Perhaps there is an unwritten rule that we do not hire our own doctorate graduates but other considerations may be at play.
We have a fragmented campus.
Extra money is needed to hire diverse faculty.
Chicago does not deal with its diversity. (“The other “c” in Chicago is cynical.”)
Every course can be expanded in its awareness of diversity. How do we do this?
How far can the sciences be pushed?
Diversity is a new concept that may take people time to wrap their heads around.
A mandate is needed from the Chief Officer of the University.
A permanent Office of Diversity is needed to ensure progress on diversity.