Inclusive STEM Classroom

STEM classroom

cultivating inclusion within science, technology, engineering, and math classrooms

The module will present specific strategies faculty can implement to build an inclusive classroom, particularly for STEM disciplines.  Some examples of these strategies include:  Classroom Strategies (e.g. have gender parity and racial/ethnic diversity in your undergraduate TA staff), Motivation Strategies (e.g. email top performers personally), and Attitude Strategies (e.g. tell students you enjoy working with them).

Faculty Fellow

Dr. Shanon Reckinger

Dr. Shanon Reckinger has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from University of Colorado Boulder with a research focus in numerical methods, computational fluid dynamics, and ocean modeling.  Post-PhD, she received an MS degree in Computer Science Education at Stanford University and participated in the Faculty-In-Residence program at Google.  At UIC, she teaches in the Computer Science department and continues her research in CS Education, particularly in the area of inclusive pedagogy design, strategies for improving problem solving skills, and interventions to increase retention.

Dr. Shanon Reckinger  |  Cultivating an Inclusive STEM Classroom