UIC will create a structure that reflects its vision of diversity as a fundamental institutional value supported and realized through shared leadership and responsibility.

A Mosaic for UIC Transformation  |  Goal 1
To be truly transformative, shared responsibility for diversity cannot be hierarchical and dependent upon higher authority. It must occur at all levels of operations, be engaged, and undertaken by all levels of faculty, staff, students, and administrators. Diversity cuts across disciplines, departments, functions, and administrative units. It transforms practitioners into leaders, increasing the sustainability of diversity priorities despite any change in university, campus, or diversity leadership.
  • Institutional Responsibility

    Implements policies, practices, and procedures that further campus diversity goals; accepts and reinforces accountability in leadership.

  • Individual Responsibility

    Essential to creating a culture in which all members of the UIC community understand, accept, and exercise their responsibilities for diversity and equity. In the words of Through the Lens of Diversity, “Making diversity fundamental to our core mission is everyone’s responsibility.”

  • Shared Responsibility

    Functions at various levels of campus populations, as colleges, and Vice Chancellor units work with the Associate Chancellor and Vice Provost for Diversity to develop targets and programs; the AC-VPD is advised by and regularly consults with deans, vice chancellors, a council, and various campus groups, including practitioners and diversity experts.