Town Hall Meeting April 6, 2010

UIC was founded 11 years after Brown v. Board of Education.
Why was it important for campus to have a conversation on diversity?
These ideals of the thinking document need to keep evolving. It starts at the top; respect needed of underlings; vice chancellors need to be made aware and be directed to follow this study.
A new Board of Trustees will have a public conversation about diversity.
What aspect of the report will have the biggest impact? Answers: staffing, dialogue will help coordinate efforts across campus; identify leadership, promote human dignity and intellectual diversity, permanent Office of Diversity.
Students feel safe about diversity here but not once they graduate and work in a world that does not honor diversity. What can be done about the larger community?
In the Study Abroad program students are forced to look at their identity. Conversations go on beyond campus, the international factor.
Challenge in engagement of diverse campus-how do we get students to know each other?
Administration is not valuing diversity, needs to honor modeling, adjust faculty hiring practices.
What have we not brought to the surface? We have to think of ourselves as a community.
Speaker noted an article she read: The more diverse, the less the attempt to work together.
UIC has zero school spirit. If we were to develop school spirit then we would be identified with UIC.
Community building is needed in the report.
The process has helped me to explore other areas, expanding the academy’s report.
How do we make faculty more diverse? We need to sell UIC.
The thinking process is very important because people change in the process, making the process an outcome.
Many students find their identity at UIC, Asian Americans for example.
Trust is missing in deciding on a definition. Increase the pie rather than share the pie.
I disagree with the sentence in the document that says, “If discrimination and injustice had not existed or did not persist, active diversity initiatives like ours would not be necessary.”
Trust and fairness depend on each other.
Which of our programs have students working together?