History of Diversity Strategic Thinking and Planning (2008-2012)

In the fall of 2008, the Provost sought nominations from Deans and Vice Chancellors of individuals to serve on a campus-level Diversity Strategic Thinking and Planning Committee (DSTP). The committee met with campus constituencies to gain perspective on campus diversity issues. Each campus activity was assessed to find opportunities to further support diversity. They were assessed in six areas: (1) Environment/Climate, (2) Faculty, (3) Research, (4) Staff, (5) Students, (6) Teaching and Learning. Students were also encouraged to participate in the DSTP process through the creation of a Student Advisory Committee. The DSTP was split into two phases:

Phase I started in January of 2009. The goal of the first stage, Diversity Strategic Thinking, was to consider how UIC interprets, accomplishes, assesses, and utilizes our diversity. A formal document outlining campus diversity was drafted in early 2010, called Through the Lens of Diversity. Current activities and future priorities were shared and discussed in a series of town hall meetings*. Communications with students, faculty, and staff provided the foundation for stage two of the process in which a campus and college/unit Diversity Strategic Plan were developed.

Phase II began in June of 2010. The second stage, Diversity Strategic Planning, articulates the university’s diversity agenda. The university’s vision, mission, goals, and aims were outlined, along with the programs, policies, and activities to guide UIC toward their goals. Each college and administrative unit has a Diversity Strategic Plan that communicates their distinctive agenda, collaboratively called Mosaic for UIC Transformation. Also included in this phase were approaches and mechanisms for regular assessment of progress and effectiveness.

Events and Activities Dates
Introduction of DSTP at the 2008 Leadership Retreat: “A Diversity of People…A Diversity of Ideas” August 2008
Convening of Campus DSTP Committee October 2008
Outlining of DSTP Process October-December 2008
Charge to Deans and Vice Chancellors to begin DSTP within Colleges and Units January 2009
Information Gathering and Analysis January-August 2009
Drafting and preparation of DST Document September 2009-February 2010
Distribution of DST Document for Campus Review and Comment March 2010
Campus Review and Town Hall Discussions of DST Document March-April 2010
Diversity Strategic Thinking Production June 2010-December 2011
Release of Final Diversity Strategic Thinking Document August 2010
Campus Review and Town Hall Discussions of Diversity Strategic Plan January 2012
Draft Release of Diversity Strategic Plan January 2012
Diversity Strategic Planning Production May 2012
Final Diversity Strategic Planning Document August 2012