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UIC is proud to be a national leader in diversity and inclusion. The Diversity Portal is designed to provide you with a comprehensive list of programs and services that put into practice UIC’s principles of access, equity, and inclusion. This searchable database provides a summary of each campus resource as an entry point; follow the links provided to  learn  more about each individual program, subprograms, and affiliated staff.

While some student organizations are included here, for a complete listing we recommend visiting Center for Student Involvement’s (formerly Campus Programs) website.

If you would like to add a diversity related program to the Portal, please email diversity@uic.edu.

Resource/Program NameBrief SummaryCollege/UnitAccess/Equity/Inclusion 
Academic Center for Excellence (ACE)Provides learning support services to enable all UIC students to accomplish their academic goals by developing critical thinking skills and learning strategies that will enhance their academic success.Student AffairsEquityESL
Academic Support and Advising Program (ASAP)Offers group tutoring along with one-on-one tutoring. ASAP has books and models related to AHS classes, various resources to help prepare for national certifications, and graduate school preparation tools. Provides workshops on time management and academic preparation.Applied HealthEquity
Office of Access and Equity (OAE)Strives to increase access to employment, programs, and services in an environment free of unlawful discrimination and harassment. Provides confidential consultation, facilitation, and mediation services to faculty, academic and support staff.Administrative ServicesAccess, Equity
African American Academic Network (AAAN)Increases the recruitment, retention, and graduate rates of African American students. Establishes an inclusive and supportive campus environment. Sponsors academic, social, and cultural activities to encourage student engagement. Programs include Black Male Initiative and more.Student AffairsAccess, Equity, InclusionAfrican-American
African American Cultural Center (AACC)Supports the academic and diversity missions of the University through innovative programs and initiatives that relate particular African American and African Diaspora traditions, create practices, and experiences to broader frameworks of thought, feeling, and action. Connects campus and community partners who reflect Chicagoland's diverse intellectual and cultural life to promote intercultural understanding and social change.Academic AffairsEquity, InclusionBlack, African-American
African American Recruitment and Enrollment Initiative (AAREI)Works closely with admitted students from specific high schools from which a large number of highly qualified African American students come. AAREI works with students and their families about financing college and familial support. Student AffairsAccess
American Association of Women Dentists (AAWD)Offers a variety of programs and services that benefit the special needs of the busy woman dentist.DentistryInclusion
Arab American Cultural Center (ARABAMCC)The Arab American Cultural Center seeks to affirm the diverse needs of the Arab American students; to increase awareness about Arab American cultures and histories; and to build community, solidarity, and safe spaces while promoting social justice, equality, and inclusivity at UIC and the Chicagoland area.Academic AffairsEquity, Inclusion
Asian American Resource and Cultural Center (AARCC)Provides education and resources for and about Asian Americans. Increases awareness of diverse Asian American issues, cultures and communities. Strengthens the Asian American campus community. Promotes the growth of Asian American Studies through curricular and co-curricular partnerships. Guides Asian American students in reaching their academic, personal, and professional potential. Resources include Asian American, Native American, Pacific Islander Serving Institution (AANAPISI) support.Academic AffairsEquity, Inclusion
Asian Pharmacy AssociationBrings unity among pharmacy students of various cultures.PharmacyInclusion
Association of Indian PharmacistsWorks to involve Pharmacy Students of Indian descent and others to foster a relationship among other Indian Pharmacists and Health Care professionals.PharmacyInclusionAsian
Association of Muslim Dental StudentsKeeps the dental Muslim community united and inspired in the profession.DentistryInclusion
Assuring STEM Credential Expansion through Nurturing Diversity (ASCEND)Supports 50 incoming first year students pursuing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) majors through the fall and spring semester.Academic AffairsAccess, Equity
Beating Breast CancerPromotes early detection of breast cancer within the African American community. Helps more women get screened for breast cancer because early detection is the key to saving lives.EquityBlack, African-American
Bridges to Baccalaureate Initiative for Minority Students Offers students an intensive summer research skills workshop, an assigned research mentor, access to peer-tutors, and support for science and academic skill development through cohort activities including participation at a national health science conference.Public Health, Nursing, Liberal Arts and SciencesAccess
Campus Advocacy Network (CAN)Provides confidential, anonymous, free services to UIC student, staff, and faculty who have experienced sexual assault, domestic/dating violence, stalking, and hate crimes. Academic AffairsEquity
Office of Career ServicesEmpowers students in their career development and job search by providing accessible resources and comprehensive services. Fosters awareness and inclusion of all individuals and their unique contributions to the global workplace.Student AffairsAccess, Equity
CHANCE Learning Center (CLC)Assists the campus with recruitment, retention, and graduation rates of underrepresented students. Addresses the needs of the student body through face-to-face and online workshops. Provides academic, personal, and professional assistance to students with demonstrated academic and personal needs. Facilitates access to the necessary academic activities and professional services that will enable them to persist and graduate, as well-prepared professionals.Education, Academic AffairsAccess, Equity
Chancellor's Cluster Initiative to Increase DiversityCultivates diverse academic leadership and enhances the educational experience of UIC's students and the work of faculty by broadening the array of backgrounds, ideas, and disciplines represented on campus.Planing and Programs, Academic Affairs, Faculty AffairsEquity
Chancellor's Committee on the Status of Asian Americans (CCSAA)Promotes the academic, social, cultural, and professional welfare of UIC's Asian American students, faculty, and staff. Advises the administration on University policy that affects Asian American constituencies. Encourages scholarship and practices that reflect and respond to the increasing diversity of our campus and surrounding community in a rapidly globalizing world, and anticipate the ongoing demographic trends that show a rapid growth of Asian Americans among the U.S.'s and Illinois's ethnic constituencies. Fosters professional opportunities for Asian Americans on campus. Cultivates relationships with alumni and Asian American communities in the metropolitan Chicago area.Academic AffairsEquity, Inclusion
Chancellor's Committee on the Status of Blacks (CCSB)Advises the Chancellor on all matters of concern pertaining to the academic, professional, and social aspects of Black life at UIC. Identifies, develops, supports, and advocates for those things that will improve the climate and conditions for Blacks at UIC. Makes recommendations to the Chancellor regarding practices, policies, procedures, and programming that affect Black students, faculty, and staff. Co-sponsors Illinois African American and Latino Higher Education Alliance (IALHEA) Diversity Dialogue and Research Forum.Academic AffairsEquity, InclusionAfrican American, African-American
Chancellor's Committee on the Status of Latinos (CCSL)Promotes the development of educational, professional, and career opportunities among UIC Latinos. Addresses issues and concerns to Latinos at UIC through the Office of the Chancellor. Advises the Chancellor on Latino issues and develops, initiates, and manages programs that addresses the comprehensive concerns about the Latino community. Co-sponsors Illinois African American and Latino Higher Education Alliance (IALHEA) Diversity Dialogue and Research Forum.Academic AffairsEquity, InclusionLatina, Hispanic
Chancellor's Committee on the Status of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer People and Allies (CCLSGBTQPA)Provides leadership on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people in UIC communities. Addresses the needs of staff, faculty, students, and alumni of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities. Enhances a supportive environment which will foster full participation by all members of the university's communities in teaching, public service, and research.Academic AffairsEquity, InclusionLGBT
Chancellor's Committee on the Status of Persons with Disabilities (CCSPD)Promotes empowerment and inclusion of students, faculty, and staff with disabilities at UIC. Provides a forum for discussion and assessment of disability-related issues that are relevant for the campus and the larger community. Advises the Chancellor and other administrative units and makes recommendations on disability-related issues, policies, services, attitudes, and practices on campus.Academic AffairsEquity, Inclusion
Chancellor's Committee on the Status of Women (CCSW)Advocates for opportunities for women for professional growth and advancement, both academic and non-academic. Believes in equity in recruitment, policies, and participation of women at all levels at UIC. Promotes life-friendly policies that promote work-life balance. Strives to create a positive environment where women may thrive in all areas of research, education, teaching, administration, and service.Academic AffairsEquity, Inclusion
Christian Medical Dental AssociationFor information about this national organization's presence on UIC's campus, contact the College of Dentistry, or Campus Programs.DentistryInclusion
Christian Pharmacists Fellowship InternationalFor information about this national organization's presence on UIC's campus, contact the College of Pharmacy, or Campus Programs.PharmacyInclusion
Counseling CenterProvides comprehensive mental health services that foster personal, interpersonal, academic, and professional thriving for UIC students. Provides students with accessible and culturally sensitive mental health services to promote overall wellness and helps them to make the most of their learning experience at UIC. Committed to social justice and to a campus culture of inclusiveness, respect, and enthusiasm for diversity.Student AffairsEquity, Inclusion
Office of Degree ProgressConducts research and provides data, reports, and analysis to support undergraduate recruitment and retention efforts. Assists in the evaluation of the UIC student experience through research and surveys, providing information to various campus offices and constituencies. Develops and refines a research agenda to support undergraduate student retention efforts.Academic AffairsAccess, Equity
Dialogue InitiativeActively seeks to build a campus community where inclusion and difference are the foundation of learning. Provides the resources and skills to recognize and engage with difference in order to expand their social consciousness and participation in a pluralistic society.Student AffairsInclusion
Disability Resource Center (DRC)Works together with campus constituents, including faculty, students, teaching assistants, academic advisers, and staff from other Centers for Cultural Understanding and Social Change. Participates in multiple activities on campus, such as student orientation and recruitment events and collaborates with the Chancellor's Committee on the Status of Persons with Disabilities and other local organizations.Academic AffairsEquity, Inclusion
Diversity Advisory Committee (DAC)An advisory group to the provost and vice provost for diversity, it consists of staff, students, and faculty that represent campus diversity-related units. It advises on matters pertinent to enhancing the positive impact of diversity at UIC. Specifically, the DAC provides counsel on diversity policy, procedures, and strategy. Access, Equity, Inclusion
Diversity Chairpersons Committee (DCC)This committee consists of the chairperson(s) of each college and administrative unit's diversity committee. Its role is to ensure that initiatives are underway and progress is being made as it relates to each unit's diversity strategic plan. Specifically, its emphasis is on identifying areas for improvement, setting measurable goals, and monitoring progress toward those goals as it relates to advancing the principles of access, equity, and inclusion. It is a vehicle for facilitating communication, cooperation, and sharing of ideas across divisions of the university related to diversity efforts. Access, Equity, Inclusion
DREAM Act for Undocumented StudentsProvides information and resources to current and prospective students and their families regarding residency for in-state tuition purposes and enrollment at UIC.Student AffairsAccess, Equity
Early Outreach Program (EOP)Educates underrepresented student populations to achieve success in health care professions.Academic AffairsAccess
Faculty Mentoring ProgramMatches individual faculty so that senior colleagues can provide advice and support to junior faculty and mid-career as they navigate the tenure and promotion process.Faculty AffairsEquity
Fearless Undocumented AllianceStrives to create a supportive environment academically, financially, and mentally for undocumented students at UIC.Student AffairsInclusion
Gender and Sexuality Center (GSC)Creates a more inclusive campus and catalyzes positive social change by challenging heteronormativity and promoting deeply engaged and life affirming thinking, learning, and action. Serves students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members throughout Chicago of all gender identities, gender expressions, and sexual orientations though cultural events, scholarly lectures, public dialogues, and interactive training. Programs include Lavender Graduation and Safe Zone training.Academic AffairsEquity, InclusionLGBT
Gender Umbrella Society (GUS)Serves as a platform at UIC for the trans* community, and to give trans* people a voice on campus.Student AffairsEquity, InclusionLGBT
Office of Graduate Diversity (OGDP)Addresses the need for an increase in the number of persons underrepresented in the biomedical sciences. Works to provide various opportunities for such students, and strives to create a nurturing environment where the professional pursuits of prospective scientists can be fostered. Hosts the Bridge to the Doctorate Program.MedicineAccess, Equity
Graduate Pathways to Success Programs (GPS)Nurtures UIC undergraduates with potential to enter graduate studies. Strengthens and builds upon institutional relationships both internally and externally to also attract more underrepresented students to graduate study at UIC.GraduateAccess
Great Cities Institute (GSCI)Links its academic resources with a range of partners to address urban issues by providing research, policy analysis and program development. Seeks to improve quality of life in Chicago, its metropolitan region, and cities throughout the world. Promotes research on complex issues facing today's urban communities.Urban Planning and Public AffairsEquity
Heritage GardenStudent interns work with faculty, staff, and community members to connect horticulture with environmental sustainability, cultural diversity, and social justice. The six Centers for Cultural Understnding and Social Change (CCUSC) collaborate on this project with program infrastructure provided by the Latino Cultural Center.Academic AffairsInclusion
Hindu Student CouncilBrings awareness and understanding of Hinduism to the general body population.Student AffairsInclusionAsian, Indian
Hispanic Center of Excellence (HCOE)Improves the medical care of Latinos in Illinois by providing programs that strengthen the pipeline and increase the number of Latino applicants pursuing health careers. Enriches the education of Latino students with an emphasis on producing linguistically and culturally-competent health practitioners. Builds partnerships with others that share the same vision.MedicineAccess, EquityLatina, Hispanic
Hispanic Student Dental AssociationServes, advocates, educates, and leads the community of Hispanic dentists.DentistryInclusionLatino, Latina
Indian Student Dental AssociationFor information about this national organization's presence on UIC's campus, contact the College of Dentistry, or Campus Programs.DentistryInclusionAsian
Office of Institutional Research (OIR)Provides research, analysis, reporting, and evaluation to guide decision-making for the university and broader educational community.Academic AffairsEquity
Institute for Research on Race and Public Policy (IRRPP)Promotes and coordinates engaged research on racial and ethnic justice in the U.S. Increases society's understanding of the root causes of racial and ethnic inequality and provides the public, organizers, practitioners, and policymakers with research-based policy solutions.Academic AffairsEquity
Institute on Disability and Human Development (IDHD)Promotes the independence, productivity, and inclusion of people with disabilities into all aspects of society.Applied Health SciencesEquity, Inclusion
International Teaching Assistants ProgramAssists colleges and departments in making oral English proficiency determinations, manages records of certification, and assists ITAs in reaching the goal of acceptable intelligibility. Supports International TAs in preparing for class.GraduateEquity
Office of International Services (OIS)Provides immigration rules and regulations counseling and advising to international students, faculty, staff, and scholars. Facilitates the transition of international students, faculty, staff, and scholars to life at UIC and the U.S. by providing continuous services aimed at assisting in the assimilation process. Provides immigration rules and regulations guidance and referral to university departments and units, particularly in the area of employment, taxation, admissions, international exchange programs, and international program creation.Student AffairsEquity, Inclusion
Korean American Student Dental AssociationFor information about this national organization's presence on UIC's campus, contact the College of Dentistry, or Campus Programs.DentistryInclusionAsian
Latin American Recruitment and Educational Services (LARES)Empowers students by providing personal growth and educational opportunities and prepares leaders who will make individual and collective contributions toward the cultural and social advancement of the Latino community.Student AffairsEquity, InclusionLatina, Hispanic
Latino Association of Business Students (LABS)Enhances the professional skills of the students by providing activities and events that promote growth and personal development. Offers opportunities that give students a chance to get a glimpse of the business world before they graduate.Business AdministrationEquity, InclusionLatina, Hispanic
The Rafael Cintron-Ortiz Latino Cultural Center (LCC)Expands the appreciation for, and understanding of, Latino cultures on campus and throughout local communities. Ensures that Latino/a students have a positive self-defined identity and practical tools to help them graduate, join the workforce, and become the next generation of leaders. Programs include Heritage Garden.Academic AffairsEquity, InclusionLatina, Hispanic
Levine Hillel Center at UICCreates an exciting renaissance of Jewish life on campus. Explores and consciously defines Jewish identity. Serves thousands of students on Chicago campus. Connects students to the next set of experiences, communities, and relationships that will provoke you to grow spiritually, intellectually, and socially.Student AffairsInclusion
Liautaud Women's NetworkTransforms potential into success. Connects students to Chicago's living classroom and empowers them with real-world skills and professional experiences that add up to a high-value return on investment.BusinessInclusion
Let's Get InclusiveStrives to create a relevant, honest, safe, and truly inclusive faith community at UIC. Welcomes all, LGBTQ or Straight, Liberal or Conservative, Believer or Doubter, Freshman or Senior.Student AffairsInclusionChristian
Center for the Mathematics Education of Latinos/as (CEMELA)Focuses on the research and practice of the teaching and learning of mathematics with Latino students in the United States. Brings together experts in mathematics education, mathematics, language, and culture to collaboratively work on improving the mathematics education of low-income Latino students.EducationEquity, InclusionLatina, Hispanic
Middle Eastern Dental AssociationFor information about this national organization's presence on UIC's campus, contact the College of Dentistry, or Campus Programs.DentistryInclusion
Midwest Latino Health, Research, Training, and Policy Center (LHRC)Improves the health status and quality of health-care delivery to Hispanics/Latinos and other racial/ethnic minorities in Chicago and the Midwest region through research, training, community education, and policy work.Social WorkEquityLatina, Hispanic
Minority Engineering Recruitment and Retention Program (MERRP)Encourages a diverse range of experiences and viewpoints, better preparing our students to play a leading role in a diverse, multi-cultural, and multi-national modern workplace. Programs include Preparation for Majoring in Engineering (PREP ME).EngineeringAccess, Equity
Muslim Student Association at UICCreates a safe space for all students and organizations regardless of faith or practice, in which they feel welcome, involved, and attended to.Student AffairsInclusion
National Asian American Society of AccountantsFor information about this national organization's presence on UIC's campus, contact the College of Business, or Campus Programs.BusinessInclusion
Native American Support Program (NASP)Strives to increase the enrollment, retention, and graduation rates of Native American students. Fosters a climate supportive of positive experiences for Native American students at UIC and within the Native communities.Student AffairsAccess, Equity
Natalie P. Voorhees Center for Neighborhood and Community Improvement (The Voorhees Center)Engages residents, leaders, and policymakers seeking effective strategies for advancing community livability and vitality. Works collaboratively with a diverse set of partners to provide technical assistance, conduct research, and generate new knowledge in comprehensive community development and neighborhood quality-of-life issues.Urban Planning and Public AffairsEquity
National Association of Black Accountants (NABA)Addresses the professional needs of its members and builds leaders that shape the future of the accounting and finance profession with an unfaltering commitment to inspire the same in their successors.BusinessInclusionAfrican American, African-American
National Society for Black Engineers (NSBE)Increases the number of culturally Black engineers, who excel academically, succeed professionally, and positively effect the community.EngineeringInclusionAfrican American, African-American
The John Paul II Newman Center at UIC
Builds a community of students who are encouraged to share spiritual and ethical values, and to promote value-oriented intellectual discourse and inquiry on vital moral and spiritual issues in a spirit of freedom, honesty, and civility. Offers religious, educational, and social programs that support and nurture spiritual growth and moral leadership. Provides a permanent home for Catholic campus ministry at UIC.Student AffairsInclusion
PASSAGE Scholars ProgramHelps to transition historically underrepresented (African American, Latino, and Native American) students entering PhD programs in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines at UIC. Prepares participants for the rigors of graduate study in STEM for eight weeks before they begin their doctoral studies.Graduate CollegeEquityLatina, Black, African-American, Hispanic
President's Award Program (PAP)Recognizes and awards students graduating from Illinois high schools who have demonstrated outstanding academic performance and who represent the rich diversity of the State of Illinois.Academic AffairsEquity
College of Dentistry Pride Alliance (CODPA)Affirms all gender expressions, identities, and sexualities through oral health.DentistryInclusionLGBT
Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Aging with Developmental Disabilities(RRTCADD)
Promotes the health and function of adults with I/DD through a coordinated set of research, training in evidence-based practice, and dissemination and utilization activities. Fosters students' pursuit of careers in rehabilitation and disability studies at UIC and at several collaborating universities.Applied Health SciencesEquity
Center for Research on Women and Gender (CRWG)Promotes collaborative, multidisciplinary research related to women and gender, with an emphasis on work, health, and culture. Produces improved understanding of the lives of women and the role of gender in society.Nursing, Liberal Arts and Sciences, Medicine, Social Work, Public HealthEquity
ROTC, UIC ArmyInvolves leading, managing, and motivating people or fostering teamwork. Helps students with personal and academic decision making while giving them the tools to exercise leadership in college life, even before graduating and becoming Officers.Inclusion
Social Justice Initiative (SJI)Seeks to help young people become critical thinkers and gain research skills that will make them more effective social change agents and ethical and socially conscious professionals.Academic AffairsEquity
Society of Hispanic Engineers (SHPE)For information about this national organization's presence on UIC's campus, contact the College of Engineering, or Campus Programs.EngineeringInclusionLatino, Latina
Office of Special Scholarship Programs (OSSP)Brings awareness to students of the nationally competitive scholarships that are available, and provides information about eligibility for these awards. Helps students locate additional awards that might apply to them. Supports students as they work through the scholarship application process. Provides students with other support such as obtaining transcripts, sending materials, and providing other clerical resources.Academic AffairsAccess, Equity
Society for Women in Engineering (SWE)Coordinates many events throughout the academic year that range from attending conferences to conducting outreach events for elementary school students. Focuses on academic and professional development so our fellow students feel prepared for graduate school and/or the workforce.EngineeringInclusion
Student National Medical Association(SNMA)Address the health concerns of underserved minority communities nationwide and works to instill an obligation to achieve excellence within minority students. Address both community and societal health issues that are adversely affecting the underserved as well as to seek to increase minority representation within the healthcare field.MedicineAccess, Equity, Inclusion
Summer CollegeGives individualized attention in small classes taught by experienced instructors. Improves your skills in math, writing, creative arts, computer literacy, science, studying, note taking, and more. Connects students with study partners, faculty, and advisers.Undergraduate AffairsEquity
Summer Research Opportunities Program (SROP)Introduces domestic underrepresented sophomores and juniors to academic research experiences. Gives students an opportunity to work one-on-one with a faculty mentor to experience research and the graduate student experience.GraduateEquity
Supplier Diversity ProgramCommitted to vendor diversification by ensuring that businesses with ownership meeting the definitions of "minority," "female," and "persons with disabilities," are included in the University procurement process.BusinessEquity
TRIO/Academic Support ProgramIncreases the retention and graduation of low-income, first-generation college students and to foster an institutional climate supportive of their success. Seeks to accomplish these goals through supportive services that foster academic achievement, personal growth and development, self-actualization, self-confidence, and leadership.Student AffairsEquity
Tutorism in English (TIE)Encourages our students to work closely together, to learn from each other, and to develop cultural awareness. Develops all language skills through a variety of materials and projects.Access, EquityESL
Underrepresented Faculty Mentoring Program (UFMP)UIC is commited to the retention of underrepresented faculty and is working to develop mentoring programs in our colleges. For more information, contact the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs.Faculty AffairsEquityBlack, African-American, Latina, Hispanic
Underrepresented Faculty Recruitment UIC is actively engaged in working with our various colleges to enhance recruitment of underrepresented faculty. For more information, contact the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs.Faculty AffairsAccessBlack, African-American, Latina, Hispanic
Urban Allied Health AcademyServes to further the mission of the College of Applied Health Sciences through its focus on healthcare in the urban environment and its promotion of professional development activities. Enhances students' experience and appreciation of cultural differences and circumstances and how they impact healthcare delivery and contribute to health disparities. Programs include the Fellows Program which provides students with unique opportunities to work with faculty mentors to build a portfolio of cultural experience, advocacy, leadership service, and research in diverse environments.Applied Health SciencesInclusion
Urban Health Program (UHP)Recruits, retains, and graduates underrepresented racial/ethnic minority students, specifically African Americans, Latinos, and Native Americans, in the health professions, and to expand educational opportunities for these populations at the pre-college (k-12), undergraduate, graduate, and professional levels.Applied Health Sciences,
Dentistry, Medicine, Pharmacy, Public Health
Access, EquityAfrican-American, Black, Latina, Hispanic
Office of Veteran’s Affairs
Provides caring and personalized support to UIC undergraduate and graduate student veterans. Helps veterans navigate the campus and provides a welcoming space, mentoring student veterans, guidance on educational benefits, and tools to succeed academically and personally.Student AffairsEquity, Inclusion
Veterans in Engineering (VIE)Enhances the lives and studies of military veterans within the college of engineering, primarily by providing academic assistance and mentorship, camaraderie through social and competitive activities, and improving the UIC community.EngineeringInclusion
Veterans to Ventures (V2V)Fosters and supports veterans returning to the greater Chicagoland area who aspire to be entrepreneurs. Offers veterans an opportunity to join the UIC entrepreneurial community- to learn from the best, get experienced advice and mentorship while launching their business or joining a start up, and participate in a supportive student, alumni, and entrepreneur community.BusinessInclusion
Wellness CenterProvides accurate and relevant health and wellness information, educational programs, and knowledge and skill-building activities to the UIC community to encourage students, staff, and faculty to make healthy choices that integrate knowledge and understanding with their own personal values and a sense of community responsibility.Student AffairsEquity, Inclusion
Women in Science and Engineering (WISE)Increases the number of women, majority and minority, students pursuing and graduating in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) disciplines, and promotes the recruitment, retention, and advancement of women who have chosen academic careers.Access, Equity
Women in Science and Engineering System Transformation (WISEST)Creates an institutional environment that promotes the retention and advancement of women faculty in science and engineering. Collaborates with faculty, staff, and university leaders to affect institutional transformation.Academic AffairsEquity
Women's Leadership and Resource Center (WLRC)Serves as a resource for the entire campus community while placing the experiences of diverse women at its center. Promotes gender equity through programming that raises awareness of women's and gender issues, develops women's leadership, and celebrates women's accomplishment and contributions. Provides individual consultation on issues such as sexual harassment and sexual assault. Programs include the Campus Advocacy Network and Students for African American Sisterhood.Student AffairsEquity, Inclusion