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Dashboard Blog

Welcome to the Equity Dashboard Project's "Data Stories" blog! Here, we'll discuss relevant and timely topics using data from the Equity Dashboard itself. The purpose of this blog is to explore interesting data-related ideas as well as to highlight the ways you can use Equity Dashboard data in your work, from thinking about something from a different perspective to implementing a new teaching practice to changing a departmental or university policy. Some of our posts will be "deep dives" while others will be brief snippets. We'll even share behind-the-scenes information about the Equity Dashboard Project, interviews with those who work with data on campus, and occasional guest posts.

In their book Big Data on Campus, Karen Webber and Henry Zheng argue that universities are "data rich but information poor." We want to change that. The Equity Dashboard offers a trove of data about our students at UIC. But it's only useful if we actually use it to create a more equitable campus. Our hope is that our data stories can help spark some of that change by presenting the fascinating and complex stories data can tell.

We'll be posting data stories monthly so come back often. If you have questions, an idea for a blog topic, or would like to write a guest post, email Brad at or Michelle at Thanks for reading!

The Equity Dashboard Data Team