Nov 29 2018

LCC – Zona Abierta: Native Migration Trails

November 29, 2018

3:30 PM - 5:00 PM


Latino Cultural Center - Lecture Center B2


Chicago, IL 60607



Presented by the UIC Latino Cultural Center, the Native American Support Program, and Native American Student Organization at UIC (NASO)

Join us as Hon'mana Seukteoma, indigenous rights activist, highlights her nation's views on immigration. As a sovereign nation that straddles the U.S.-Mexico border, the Tohono O’odham faces unique problems due to the U.S. presidential administration’s stance on immigration. Since the start of her channel in 2014, Hon’mana has reached over 254,000 views through her efforts to blend comedy, satire, vlogs, political and social commentary that are relevant to Native millennials such as herself. Her videos take a political stance as these policies and executive orders directly affect her community.

Through this presentation we invite you to reflect on immigration through a different lens and identify actions to support indigenous communities.

Hon’mana Seukteoma is the 22 year old Tohono O’odham woman behind the YouTube channel Seukteoma. Hon’mana has an active role in the grassroots group Indivisible Tohono where she engages tribal, local, state and federal governments by impacting legislation. It is important to Hon’mana that Natives are represented in the media and this is what she strives for with every video upload, protest attended, and efforts to impact legislation that affects Native communities.


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Nov 7, 2018

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